Growing Businesses on the XRP Ledger

ripple xpring
ripple xpring

Ripple Announces “Xpring” – Growing Businesses on the XRP Ledger, an initiative to support Entrepreneurs.

Ripple has announced a new initiative to support entrepreneurship development projects with returning entrepreneurs using Real-Time XRP currency and the XRP Ledger.

The San Francisco-based blockchain company launched the Xpring program as a new investment initiative to help fund proven entrepreneurs to “invest, hatch, earn, and grant to companies and projects run by proven entrepreneurs” in exchange for their input into The XRP Ledger and the use of XRP digital coins.

The company made an announcement on their website where they also provided details of the new employees who were brought in to successfully launch Xpring in addition to the Ripple ecosystem. The key among the new additions is Ethan Beard, former Director of Facebook Developer Network who will act as senior vice president for both Ripple and Xpring developer programs.

ripple announced xpring
ripple announced xpring

Beard was quoted in Ripple’s announcement as saying;

“I like to help startup to take advantage of new technologies and developments to grow. On Facebook, we see companies in various fields like games, music and news using our platform to become big business, blockchain, and digital assets have the ability to solve important issues and XRP – with speed, scalability, and real-world use case examples – is a great tool for startups and entrepreneurs to build a business around.”

Impressive Group Already Assembled

Ripple has assembled an impressive group of entrepreneurs who will take part in the program according to their official announcement; those who participated included:

  • Scooter Braun, entertainment talent manager, entrepreneur and founder of Project SB, is pursuing several efforts that will use XRP to enhance artist ability to monetize and manage their content.
  • Stefan Thomas, inventor of the Interledger Protocol (ILP), creator of BitcoinJS, founder of TxtBear, has recently launched a new business coil to use XRP and Interledger Protocol (ILP) for various micropayments applications, such as facilitating the size of “media purchases. Coil here.
  • Thomas McLeod, Omni serial entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO, will soon integrate XRP as a currency into the Omni market.
  • Bart and Brad Stephens, founders of Blockchain Capital, who have the first funds to receive capital calls in digital assets with a focus on boosting innovation in the blockchain sector.

SB Project Founder from Scooter Braun said on the initiative “Blockchain technology and digital assets such as XRP will provide artists with new distribution channels and revenue streams,”

Xpring’s team completed their announcement by writing that they examined hundreds of candidates but were still open to new projects and business applications and invited serious entrepreneurs to visit the Xpring website. At the time of writing Ripple’s XRP is trading 4% higher on the day at $0.74.

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