Introducing PinkTaxi the First Safety Coin That Helps Protect Women


Introducing: PinkTaxi – the first safety coin that helps protect women in a male-dominated society.

The Pink Taxi concept originated back in 2006. Since then, the idea has received recognition and appreciation from all schools of thought in different regions. With its global presence in 18+ countries, the concept of Taxi Pink has worked and proven. This is a well established brand around the world. The demographics of the world show different social economic realities and traditions, however, the Pink taxi has been unilaterally recognized as a working concept whether it is in first or third world countries. Some people need it as economic liberalization, while others explore solutions as a safe way to travel because of abuse.

Pink Taxi is a women-only taxi that has empowered hundreds of women and made them responsible for their own lives. The core idea of ​​this service is to provide safe transport facilities for female passengers and provide a respectable platform for their work where they feel like they, too, can make a difference in the world.

What is Pink Taxi?

Pink Taxi’s vision is to make regular daily trips less complicated and more convenient, using high-tech technology, innovative solutions for drivers and customer applications backed by a secure and reliable database of blockchain. The current taxi platform is user-bending with strong demand from driver and application databases, which in the current scenario is not there so not only generates problems for commuter passengers it also abruptly damages the company’s reputation. Over the last few years in operation, the Pink Taxi has provided portable applications to clients to find authorized drivers, and drivers to handle their business more effectively.

Since our market has developed the use of blockchain-supported applications there will not be much to accomplish. With payouts moving from cash to crypto currency combinations from Pink token for payment mode will make transactions faster and more reliable.

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